“artistic and elegant design”

“Jewellery in its entirety is the embodiment of something preciously intricate, beautiful and romantic. The whole process from the original idea to having the physical piece in your hand is like no other. It is wearable art, a visual journey which should always be personal and timeless. It should give you a feeling that is almost unrivalled.

So many current pieces of jewellery are designed on a computer and produced on a 3D printer, similar to modern day cars. I’m a true advocate of keeping traditional methods alive, as such I only create by hand using the same tools and techniques as the original fine jewellers employed in the 1700’s. Every piece made is always unique.

Whether we collaborate in design as a combined vision or you let me take the reins it will always be an unequalled and incomparable piece.”

‘Sam Hunter is one of the most exciting and skilful young jewellers working at the bench today. He has a great future ahead of him.’

Theo Fennell

‘Sam is a joy to work with and his attention to detail and quality of workmanship makes him a real gem in a world of mass produced jewellery.’ 

Sandra Cronan